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I used to have Märklin model railroad as a young boy. I remember very well when my parents took me to a toy-shop in the German town of Braunschweig where I was given Märklin parts.. The H0 Märklin trains are nice to play with as a kid (pretty solid) . Sold all of that ANd now I´m on H0 2 track digital controlled. .

I was caught by trains as a young boy. Trough my father but also when we visited my grandparents in Braunschweig. I got a simple camera by a friendly woman living in the house of my grandmother. Allthough a simple camera I managed to shoot a number of nice pics - See the pictures I took at that time.
Here a homepage in the german language covering the Gliesmarode area, where i did my shots..

I´m still active as a railwayfan in various areas.
In full scale railroading on Uppssala Lenna järnväg and Gotlandstaget.

I have passed training and tests to be a on board responsible for trainmovements. In Swedish it is called "tågbefälhavare" - A title that could be compared to a captain on a ship. During 2012 - 2013 I´m doing trainin and certification to be a dispatcher/stationmaster. A lot of responsibility. I love to challenged myself and be challenged.

The local railwaystation Kungsängen
The station was built 1876 and its main purpose was to be a meeting point for the iron-transportations from Bergslagen. Here you have some documentation from the station.

With model railroading. Mainly with building and operating modules within the team MMM (Mälare ModulMöte)

The modules projects are:
Gliesmarode. A 4 meter module (4 x 1m sections)

Z-scale modules together with my friend Anders Delstam.

Right now I´m working on gathering information and material to build a couple of modules for H0n3 narrow track modules. The reference are the 891mm tracks in Uppsala and Gotland.. are you surprised... ;-)


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ULJ Uppsala
GHJ Gotland

Here i am with my camera, overlooking the tracks in Gliesmarode/Braunschweig. You never know, there might come a huge loco to catch in the celeoloid.

Here, me and my little brother Michael to the right...

My other railway - "hometown" is Gotland and in a way Klintehamn.

It all started for me with being active at the museum in Dalhem Gotland. Starting about 1976.
Im active as a trainleader. 2008 I passed my exam. Aug 6 2008 I finally had a oportunity to join for a day in the traffic on Gotland.
My brother in law did shoot a video that you can look at below.

Here you have a more recent video - Done Aug 12, 2010  


Here is another, longer video done 2008 by Johan Olsson from the same track..

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